March 16, 2009


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An overview of the work and live of this great artist, mind and eye is available for the first time : a highly inspiring Book, with a very sensible selection of Harri Peccinotti‘s work and texts. A close-up of the way of a tear, perfectly varnished nails, red lips, the Nova Covers, the celebrated sunflower from the 1968 Pirelli Calendar, shots published in magazines, the page proofs, album covers, it is all there.

The work of the photographer, designer, graphic, musician, creative director and all-round artist inspires the Fashion – & Magazine World,  as well as the collective imagination up to now.

Born in London in October, 1935 he left school at the age of 14 and started as a trainee commercial artist, where he learned to hand lettering, photography, and design. It was still the cut and paste era, where roughs for advertisement got done by hand.

He became a trombone and bass player, designed record sleeves and became the art director & editor for Flair and Vanity Fair.

In 1965, he designed a new magazine called Nova. Produced for women exclusively, with innovative graphics, formats and photographs, that built new connections between the female mind, body, sex, fashion, … Women were suddendly seen in a different light : sporty, sexy, independent, leader’s of the sexual revolution.

The language he introduced 1968 for the Pirelli calendar of strong, sleek sexuality and gleaming bodies.

The album covers, his shoots for Magazines …

Harri Peccinotti’s way of seeing opened the minds and like poems he gave the keys to think beyond, which inspired not only the readers, but the world as a whole.

242 pages are covering the creative output of Harri Pecinotti over a period of about 40 years.

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published by © Damani with amazing images by © photographes, Harri Peccinotti, great writers © Derek Birsdall, Barry Fantoni, Lara Gilmore, Harri Peccinotti and concept and creative direction by Giorgio de Mitri, Sartoria.